Safe Clark County

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office’s staffing shortages have tremendous adverse effects on the communities we serve. We have stood by and watched as low staffing levels in the jail have caused significant limitations on the criminals who can be arrested and housed in the Clark County Jail. The un-safe numbers of deputies on patrol has caused frequent instances of temporary service cuts and likely upcoming long-term service cuts to the crimes we are able to safely respond to. The result, more criminals, and less deputies on the streets.

For Clark County citizens this means a continued decline in the quality of life and safety in our communities. Community members tell us daily they are fed up with the increases in lawlessness in our county. We have heard your concerns. We want to be there for you when you need us, unfortunately, our county’s absence of commitment to your safety leaves us potentially unavailable at your time of need.

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Yes for Public Safety

On your Primary Election ballot, vote Yes for Proposition 11. This is not just another tax increase.  It requires the funding to be spent on public safety and criminal justice, the primary obligations of government. It finally delivers the essential body cams for Sheriff’s Deputies.

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New County Jail

The Clark County Public Safety Alliance is working with County Chair Karen Bowerman on establishing a committee to evaluate the past jail proposals and present a new proposals for community input and recommendation. CCPSA look forward to working with both the County, City of Vancouver and small cities on moving this project forward. 


The Clark County Public Safety Alliance had been diligently monitoring  public safety bills in Olympia during this years short session. The most important bill that would have protected communities from crime and danger was Senate Bill 5919. Unfortunately, this bill didn’t make it onto the floor for a vote in the closing hours of session. Our team is digging up the truth of why this was stalled and what measure we can take to fix this next year.